Team Valmiz

CEO, Co-Founder, Co-Creator

Robert is passionate about building teams that deliver products and services that challenge norms. He is also passionate in making sure that every piece of the complex clockwork is working strictly according to specifications. Robert believes that humans are bequeathed with the purpose of being stewards of this earth prearranged to us by a greater power. Bestowed with talent to advance the solutions that will improve the betterment of humanity. Identifying tribulations that affect humanity while providing solutions to one quandary at a time. Robert’s lifelong goal is to improve the quality of life by sharing with us his unique creativity and technical strategies, honed through many years of broad experience. Skill set and expertise: Robert has almost three decades of experience in operations and management. One of them was managing the late Ray Charles, ensuring that everything from running the enterprise to closing deals went smoothly.

CTO, Co-Founder, Co-Creator

Rom is passionate about building systems that are of great utility to people, to facilitate in broadening what humans can discover, whether this concerns life on Earth now, or elsewhere. Rom’s lifelong goal is to gain a better understanding of knowledge, reasoning, and intelligence. He believes that in order to gain a better grasp of the cosmos, we need to gain deeper comprehension of how our minds work, since the universe that we know is a compounded product of how we perceive it plus other factors that we don’t know, yet. Rom has decades of experience in software engineering, system administration, and programming language theory. He is proficient in at least a dozen programming languages. He is knowledgeable with the inner workings of modern operating systems.


Bary is passionate about two things, Servant Leadership and Industry Learning. He believes in principles of Servant Leadership as the most effective style of leadership. As an IT Industry & Academic Professor, he has proven that learning can be catapulted through immersion and guidance of dedicated industry experts. He is an Agile Evangelist and regularly indoctrinates his mentees and peers. Bary is a lifelong learner and believes humans are never stop learning. He believes technology is merely a tool and that humans must always anchor their lives with right values. Bary holds a degree in Software Engineering and is completing his Masters in Information Systems. He has over 24 years of experience in software delivery in multiple industries such as Banks, Fintech, ERP, & Health Tech, Digital Marking to name few and has worked mostly in startup companies (some in Silicon Valley). Adept in both Software Delivery both in Traditional and Agile environments. His expertise are Automated Software Testing, Business Process Automation, Solutions Architecture, and Team Capability builder. He also provides technical guidance and technology research from conceptualization to implementation. When not busy, he loves to travel abroad with family, nature tripping and taking care of his plants and fishes.


Experienced 28-year Air Force veteran (Colonel, USAF, Retired) - licensed attorney - Part 107 certified drone pilot - prior TS/SCI Clearance - 25 active duty/3 federal civil service - and internationally recognized subject matter expert in UAS/UAV/UAM/UTM/AAM/eVTOL/sTOL - law, policy and regulation. Possesses deep military and civilian expertise and experience. Record of success leading organizational change, including developing organizational vision and implementing the policies and procedures required to achieve that vision, within available resources and in a continuously changing environment. Transformative leader of diverse groups and organizations. Directly supervised, managed, and developed more than 100 Total Force officers, enlisted and civilian personnel including attorneys, paralegals, faculty members, support staff, and post-graduate interns to be some of the nation’s finest professionals. Performed wide-ranging duties with worldwide responsibilities at every echelon of command and in deployed environments. Excelled in Joint, Inter-Agency, Coalition and non-governmental arenas, bringing together individuals of diverse backgrounds to achieve outstanding results. Attended and instructed at advanced U.S. military schools.

Possesses a strong record of scholarly accomplishments including peer-reviewed research and publications, undergraduate teaching experience and demonstrated service to educational institutions in various capacities. Designed, delivered and assessed courses, seminars and workshops. Facilitated staff and faculty curriculum and activities, oversaw the design and implementation of educational programs and provided mentorship to students, faculty and staff. Life experience and research interests contribute to a climate that values and promotes diversity in all its forms. Prolific work evidences a wide variety of intellectual interests including on the UAS, AAM, military operations, homeland security, Profession of Arms, international law, diversity, character and leadership development and others. Recipient of multiple awards, decorations and recognition including the Legion of Merit and Defense Superior Service Medals, the Women to Watch in UAS (2019 - Leadership), one of the Top 100 Women in Aerospace and Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2021-2022, Airwards Industry Impactor Award 2022 and the eVTOL Insights 2022 Power Book.


Charlie is an experienced executive in operations. He has led large to small size teams and has improved operations at every stop. He has also founded tech startups in the US and the Philippines and has also successfully obtained funding for each company. Charlie is also an experienced leader and has mentored many individuals in his time who in their own right became successful leads. Charlie has won various awards at all his stops. Charlie’s focus is on driving business operations for the companies that he advises and helping in streamlining operations.


With 11 years of experience, Carlo, a technologist, specializes in crafting solutions for diverse sectors, ranging from academia, private industries, to the government. His focus lies in security analytics and competitive intelligence. Driving software development and product visibility for Competitive Industries, Government Agencies and non-for-profit organizations. Result Driven, Dedicated and Highly Adaptive transforming goals into actionable plan, seeking a challenging role in a reputed organization.​


Adrian is an intern at Valmiz. Dedicated and Visionary. Diving into the horizon of Artificial Intelligence from the field of Data Science. He is not just about computers. He is always learning something new, even outside of tech. He believes that accomplishing great things, must not only act, but also dream.