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Future-Proof Your Business​

Valmiz has the ability to turn data into a universal knowledge base and provide a platform that enables consumers to extract, organize, and manage that information.

Valmiz offers automated analysis and validation of data while allowing the information to be updated live without incurring downtimes and service interruptions.

Making Data Easy

Valmiz’s unique information augmentation system develops advanced comprehension from your own data, and external sources.

Multi-Agent Algorithm Design

Valmiz identifies and leverages extensive context without bias, to give you the purest form of knowledge.


Core Al system
that fuses knowledge graphs
and knowledge bases


Tracks key-value-metadata changes


The system that gathers
data from different data sources


The data storage system


The human-machine interface
for receiving commands

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Intelligent Agents for Information Augmentation Using Novel Approaches to Data Analysis


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Intelligent Agents for Information Augmentation Using Novel Approaches to Data Analysis

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