Leverage AI to solve time intensive tasks, creating accurate results, and time to focus on strategic tasks.

Mission Statement

Our mission, as an organization of professionals, is to understand the business of our clients, and to help identify their business needs. Providing proactive services that are timely and consistently high in quality, we are committed to providing the most efficient and expeditious services, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards. We make safety our top priority.

The pillars of Valmiz™ AAI are morals, values, and ethics. Technology—while not being limited to computers—is used to bind the pillars together, to form the core traits of a modern society.

We believe Valmiz is different because we’re not using statistics to make computations, but rather models that prioritize accuracy and precision of results. We are at the infancy stage of what will be accomplished with Valmiz. The stealth in our techniques that we use will leave groups studying the creation of Valmiz for years. There has been 20+ years of development and code design that can’t be matched in the current expectations of quickly released technologies in today’s demanding markets.

Valmiz is capable of identifying and leveraging extensive context without bias. Valmiz can search local and global sources, looking for information without being told where to look, accesses public records for evidence, using its unique global information augmentation system which develops human comprehension from your own data and external sources. Valmiz provides a platform that enables consumers to extract, organize, and manage that information.

Valmiz can apply a filter to a dataset, removing information that is deemed inconsistent and redundant. Valmiz takes data from a 2D expression and is able to search identified data in a 3D pattern of searchable information, which makes it  faster, and more reliable. This definition of Valmiz leads to what we call Augmentive Artificial Intelligence (AAI).