Leverage AI to solve time intensive tasks, creating accurate results, and time to focus on strategic tasks.

Core Team

Robert Pineda


Robert is passionate about building teams that deliver products and services that challenge norms. He is also passionate in making sure that every piece of the complex clockwork is working strictly according to specifications. Robert believes that humans are bequeathed with the purpose of being stewards of this earth prearranged to us by a greater power. Bestowed with talent to advance the solutions that will improve the betterment of humanity. Identifying tribulations that affect humanity while providing solutions to one quandary at a time.

Robert’s lifelong goal is to improve the quality of life by sharing with us his unique
creativity and technical strategies, honed through many years of broad experience.
Skill set and expertise: Robert has almost three decades of experience in operations and management. One of them was managing the late Ray Charles, ensuring that everything from running the enterprise to closing deals went smoothly.

Rommel Martínez


Rom is passionate about building systems that are of great utility to people, to facilitate in broadening what humans can discover, whether this concerns life on Earth now, or elsewhere.
Rom’s lifelong goal is to gain a better understanding of knowledge, reasoning, and intelligence. He believes that in order to gain a better grasp of the cosmos, we need to gain deeper comprehension of how our minds work, since the universe that we know is a compounded product of how we perceive it plus other factors that we don’t know, yet.
Rom has decades of experience in software engineering, system administration, and programming language theory. He is proficient in at least a dozen programming languages. He is knowledgeable with the inner workings of modern operating systems.

Robert Pineda and Rommel Martínez

They have worked together since 2019 and together they specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, and Software Engineering.

Unique Ability

We are of the unanimous belief that we’re able to deliver products and services that our target markets need. There is strong team synergy, wherein, a lot of things can be done in a short span of time.


We are currently seeking additional AI engineers, marketing personnel, finance officers.

Company Timeline

June 1999
Rom begins his exploration into AI.
June 2007
Rom begins work on the key modules.
January 2008
Rom collaborates with other engineers to work on distributed reflective systems.
February 2018
Rom collaborates with other engineers to work on a logical reasoning engine.
February 2019
Rom colaborates with other engineers to work on a knowledge graph system.
December 2019
Rom begins working on an extensible dynamic database system.
January 2020
Robert is introduced to Rom.
March 2020
Team begins developing Valmiz AAI.
May 2022
ASTN Group, Inc. is formed.
November 2023
ASTN introduces Valmiz pre-alpha at AI Asia Expo, Manila, Philippines.


Robert Pineda

Robert is a veteran of the entertainment industry, and brings his managerial expertise in operations, and negotiations to his position.

  • President, RPM Productions; Las Vegas, NV
    • Created and supervised the activities of this management and marketing company.
    • Road Manager to Bob Newhart responsible for advancing and implementation of touring.
    • Implemented the Ray Charles Slot Machine
    • Created, Directed and Produced the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular, Las Vegas Hilton
    • Directed and Produced the American TV Game Show Hall of Fame Award in Las Vegas
  • General Manager, Recording Artist Against Drunk Driving (RADD); Los Angeles, CA
    • Administered the affairs of the corporation in accordance with organizational policies
    • Ensured the maintenance of official records, by-laws, and standing rules according to Board action
    • Liaison between the Entertainment Industry and RADD
  • Manager / Director of Special Projects, Ray Charles Enterprises; Los Angeles, CA
    • Assisted architects in creating plans of the Ray Charles Museum
    • Responsible for supervising all aspects of daily operation and office administration
    • Oversaw and implemented domestic and international contracts, licensing, and promotions
    • Negotiated television appearances and concerts
    • Managed all of Ray Charles’s personal appearances, to ensure that arrangements are made to his specifications.
    • Processed payroll for band members and issue cash payments
    • Increased tour revenue by 15%
  • Manager, The Rockett Plant Recording Studio; Burbank, CA
    • Developed and managed this vintage recording studio
    • Directed daily operation, including staff hiring, bookings, maintaining premises, and handling accounts receivable/payable

Rommel Martínez

Rom dropped out of college early to pursue his ambitions of building complex systems

  • Rom started working in 1999, at The Net, during the early years of the World Wide Web, as  a web developer and designer.
  • In 2003, he worked at LORMA Colleges, as a developer and technical writer for a LormaLinux, a Linux distribution that prioritized efficiency and ease of deployment.
  • In 2007, he landed a position as a software engineer for DECORP, a power distribution company, where he learned to build systems for high availability and scalability.
  • Around that time, he joined the TUNES project to participate in the development of distributed reflective systems.
  • In 2018, he joined MindAI, as Lead Lisp Engineer, to work on the development and implementation of a logical reasoning engine.
  • In 2019, he joined Sorcero, as Artificial Intelligence Engineer, to work on structured and unstructured data, using FramerD.

Support Team

Dawn M.K. Zoldi
(Col. USAF Ret.)

CEO, P3 Tech Consulting LLC

Dawn is a licensed attorney, an U.S. Air Force veteran and Founder/CEO of P3 Tech Consulting, connecting people who have a passion for advanced tech platforms with the information they need to succeed.

Carlo Poblete

Cybersecurity Consultant

With 11 years of experience, Carlo, a technologist, specializes in crafting solutions for diverse sectors, ranging from academia, private industries, to the government. His focus lies in security analytics and competitive intelligence.