Leverage AI to solve time intensive tasks, creating accurate results, and time to focus on strategic tasks.

Robert Pineda and Rommel Martínez

They have worked together since 2019 and together they specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, and Software Engineering.

Unique Ability

We are of the unanimous belief that we’re able to deliver products and services that our target markets need. There is strong team synergy, wherein, a lot of things can be done in a short span of time.


We are currently seeking additional AI engineers, marketing personnel, finance officers.

Company Timeline

June 1999
Rommel begins his exploration into AI.
June 2007
Rommel begins work on the key modules.
January 2008
Rommel collaborates with other engineers to work on distributed reflective systems.
February 2018
Rommel collaborates with other engineers to work on a logical reasoning engine.
February 2019
Rommel colaborates with other engineers to work on a knowledge graph system.
December 2019
Rommel begins working on an extensible dynamic database system.
January 2020
Robert is introduced to Rommel.
October 2021
The Valmiz whitepaper is released to the public.
May 2022
Valmiz, Inc. Is formed.
November 2023
Valmiz pre-alpha is introduced at AI Asia Expo, Manila, Philippines.