Frequently Asked Questions

Leverage AI to solve time intensive tasks, creating accurate results, and time to focus on strategic tasks.

Valmiz™ is a platform that enables you to perform difficult computations easily. It is powered by a new kind of artificial intelligence that focuses on algorithms, instead of data.

It works by ingesting raw data files and creates an intricate network of networks to connect and link disparate, but related information. It then allows the user to query the system for answers that were discovered by the system.

With Valmiz™, we make the hard things easy. And, you don’t even need to change your existing workflow to use it. You can use it as as standalone product, or you can connect it to your existing assembly line.

The limited beta version of Valmiz™ will be available in Q3 2024.

We protect your data by making you, the owner, the only one who can access your data. Not even we can read your data. We also use the most robust forms of security protocols to ensure that your data is safe with us.

Valmiz™ provides a robust API that allows you to integrate it with your existing infrastructure. It also has provisions for operating as a strict server listening and responding to requests.

Due to the fact that Valmiz™ does not touch or modify your data in order to fit its requirements, the biases that are embedded in the datasets are the ones that already come with your submissions.

Valmiz™ excels in the analysis, exploration, and discovery of information from data that are heterogeneous. Because of that, it allows you  to discover and do things that were previously thought to be impossible.

Valmiz™ is happy to work by itself and churn data as it goes. However, it allows a human operator to override its functions, and be the final arbiter.

Yes. The component Vix allows you to interact with Valmiz™ using only very few words—keywords—to give directions and control Valmiz™.