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ASTN Group™ Executive Summary

What problems will your business solve?
  • Useful knowledge is scattered everywhere and it is difficult to collect, segregate, and filter information.
  • Data is collected with the use of machines but the humans that perform the analysis after are the bottlenecks. The methods used to perform accurate and unsupervised automated data analysis and validation, are limited, resource-intensive, and error-prone.
  • Unstructured data, like freeform text, are analyzed mostly through inaccurate and unreliable statistical methods.
What will your business provide to solve that problem?
  • The AI platform, Valmiz, provides automated analysis and validation of data while allowing the information to be updated live without incurring downtimes and service interruptions.
  • A set of technologies that will allow users to quickly search for information using incomplete and partial voice and text queries.
  • Valmiz enhances connections between human and machine networks by acting as a connecting hub and medium for information augmentation.
How will your business make money?
  • Valmiz will be provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with monthly subscription through a web API.
  • Valmiz will also be provided as On-premises Software with fixed licensing costs.
  • The initial subscription cost will be $700+ per year.
Who will purchase your products or services?
  • Organizations that want to enhance their existing automation systems.
  • ASTN has compiled a minimum list of 50 markets based on the ability of Valmiz to improve their competitive edge, including, Election Security and Validation, Cybersecurity, Process Automation, Defense, Healthcare, Education.
How will your target customers learn about your business?
  • Create, along with a social media marketing/sales company, a social media campaign identifying and hiring a personality or influencer that will be able to participate in an advertising, and sales campaign targeting our intended markets/consumers.
  • Develop a golf tournament that would target participants of our most valuable clients, corporations, major companies, and organizations. Valmiz Invitational would be a unique competitively developed tournament that would promote Valmiz while building relationships, developing name recognition of the Valmiz software within our core global markets.
Who is part of the team and what makes them qualified to operate the business?
  • Xavier Bethune: product manager; team lead; 25+ years in supply chain and logistics.
  • Robert Pineda: product manager; co-inventor; 25+ years in entertainment management.
  • Rommel Martinez: AI engineer; co-inventor; 24+ years in IT.
What will your business do better than the competitors?
  • Valmiz has the ability to future-proof information by turning data into a universal knowledge base.
  • Valmiz will happily co-exist with your existing pipeline and toolset, while enhancing their capabilities.
  • We have complete control and ownership of the tech stack.
Where are you currently and what specific milestones do you plan to hit?
  • The alpha version will be available Q2 2023 and turn around in 1 month.
  • Support for low-power devices—including mobile phones—will be available in 3 years.
  • AI-managed wireless energy solutions will be available in 5 years.
  • Offline home automation systems will be available in 7 years.
  • Product and service availability to select nations that are part of the Global Hunger Index (GHI), at an affordable rate, in 10 years.
How much money do you need to start? What is your potential income?
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