Limitations of Contemporary Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Gary Sussman made an interesting presentation1 about artificial intelligence during the European LISP Symposium. He started his presentation by prompting a GPT machine to define a nonexistent theorem and surprisingly produced a reply that would pass the Turing test.How did the GPT come up with the answer? He explained that “[GPT] seems […]

AAI + DCB = The Best of AAM

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Advanced air mobility (AAM) could provide new delivery and passenger transportation options in both urban and rural settings soon. This innovative transportation system will use aircraft with advanced technologies, including electric aircraft or electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.1 According to Pam Melroy, the Deputy […]

Ethics for Data in Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Let us start with the common misconception that artificial intelligence is, in itself, only machine learning (ML). The buzzword gained hype for its futuristic automation of algorithmic learning without human intervention. Does this mean that AI has gained consciousness and does not further need the help of humans? Machine learning is brute-forcing […]

The Black Box of Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn We are entering a new age of the industrial revolution. First with the invention of steam engines that paved the way to increased production, second with the discovery of electricity with advances not only in manufacturing but also in communication, third with the introduction of computers, which led to progressive automation, and […]

Valmiz™: Taking AI to a Higher Level for Law Firms

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Just a few months ago, a lawyer and his New York-based law firm barely dodged sanctions from a judge, after submitting an artificial intelligence (AI) -assisted legal brief that contained six completely fictitious cases. The lawyer had used ChatGPT to help research the brief, but things went awry when the AI’s algorithm […]

Reframing Human-like Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn “It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” Carl Sagan Why do cars have people’s faces? Car grilles and headlights frequently resemble faces. This conventional design makes automobiles appear familiar. Designers may utilize this method to make automobiles appear […]

AI-Integrated Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have several components: 1) human element, 2) command and control, 3) unmanned aircraft, 4) communication data link, 5) payload, and 6) launch and recovery. These, combined, create a UAS. Primarily, we are concerned with the dynamics between three components—the human-in-command, the control, and the aircraft. The unmanned aircraft […]

Intent Accuracy: The Next AI Frontier

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Anyone working on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) is already acquainted with the Chinese Room experiment. Imagine a non-Chinese-speaking person inside a room with English rules and instructions on how to manipulate Chinese symbols. Outside the door, a native speaker slides under it a letter in Chinese, and the […]

AI-Aided Election Security

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Autopilot in aviation does not mean self-driven aircraft but a sophisticated tool used by pilots to perform the climbs, the cruise, the descends, the approach, and sometimes the landing itself. Actual pilots heavily rely on their autopilot to take real-time accurate down to milliseconds measurements from sensors around the aircraft and do […]

What is AI: A Basic Redefinition

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn First, a caveat, artificial intelligence (AI) as we know it today is of a completely different species—or is still way far off from the AI in the movies. Nor, the far fetch fantasy of AI overlords slaving the very humans that created them. This is commonplace in the news today trying to […]