Patent Pending 18/144,044

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  • Data Gathering is hard.
  • Data Validation is hard.
  • Data Lookup is hard.


  • Valmiz™ converts your raw data into useful information.
  • Valmiz™ provides a platform that enables consumers to extract, organize, and manage that information.
  • Valmiz™ provides information augmentation to enhance existing information sources.


  • Desktop App: Consumers use a desktop application to interact with Valmiz™.
  • SaaS App: Consumers use a web browser to connect to the service.

Target Markets

  • Local and Federal Authorities
    • Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals
  • Cybersecurity
    • Protection, Audit
  • Process Automation
    • Robotics, Manufacturing, Design

Market Size

Valmiz™ has the potential global income of tens of millions per year to a maximum of hundreds of millions per year. It is based on statistics and calculations from the reference link below:

Business Models

  • Software as a Service: Valmiz™ operates on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.
  • On-premises Software: Valmiz™ operates on a per contract basis per year.

Development Team

  • Xavier Bethune Product Manager; Previously the Operations and Procurement Director at Continental Airlines, where he was directly involved in the supply chain, operations, and logistics disciplines.
  • Robert Pineda: Product Manager / Co-inventor; A 25+ year entertainment industry veteran who brings his unique experience in management and organizational skills to ASTN.
  • Rommel Martínez: AI Engineer / Co-inventor; AI researcher with 24+ years of combined experience in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Systems Administration.



  • Year 1
    • Cybersecurity, General Election Validation Systems
  • Year 3
    • Embedded Devices, Process Automation, Federal Governments
  • Year 5
    • Mobile App, Wireless Energy


5900 Balcones Drive Suite 4742
Austin, Texas 78731 United States

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